Financial Planning

What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is an analysis of your family's finances to discover actionable ideas and strategies to improve your chances of meeting your financial goals.

Common areas/questions that we explore include: 

  • Are you saving enough?
  • Are you invested in the right areas?
  • Do you have adequate insurance to protect your family?
  • What risks do you have exposure to and how to reduce your exposure?
  • Are you maximizing your employer's benefits?
  • In retirement, which accounts do you touch first?
  • Will you be okay if your spouse passes away before you?
  • When should you turn on social security benefits?
  • Should you have a trust?
  • Do you have the necessary legal documents to protect your family in case of an emergency?

What is the value of having a Financial Plan?

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) did a study that revealed the following values: 

  • A higher degree of confidence - especially during periods of market uncertainty.
  • Feeling more in control.
  • A deeper understanding of financial activities.
  • Better ability to save and take advantage of employee benefits.
  • Feeling better prepared for unexpected events.
  • More likely feel on track to meet goals. 

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